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There are so many great pinball websites out there - big & small - it's impossible to give a "bump" to all of them. Let's start with a few of the biggest and explain what each site focuses on, then we will provide list to a host of other sites. If you are looking specifically for pinball parts or repair help, please check my Parts & Repair page. [This page is being updated weekly 1/25/2019]


"Pinside is the absolute best web destination for all things pinball.Our large and thriving community is comprised of an incredibly diverse group of players, collectors, repair gurus, mod-makers, vendors, distributors, restorers, and all-around enthusiasts that have one thing in common: a passion and love for the silver ball. Pinside was created as a destination to discuss games, buy and sell, find tech help, and meet others. It has accomplished those things and, in the process, become a massive and invaluable resource of pinball information."

Internet Pinball Database

"The Internet Pinball Machine Database — also known as the IPDB — is a comprehensive, searchable encyclopedia of virtually every pinball machine ever commercially made. The database currently includes 68,937 images of 6,189 games, 4,714 other game related files, and links to other pinball websites, grouped by machine. The database also includes pitch & bat baseball games, cocktail table machines, bingos, and payout machines ... when they have a pinball theme.
The data in this database has been laboriously gathered by the Editors over many years, from books, photographs, flyers, web sites, pinball manufacturers, collectors' personal records, and of course the pinball machines themselves. Most of the actual photographs in the database came from various collectors – over 2,445 different contributors to date."

PinWiki.com    THE place for everything pinball.
"PinWiki is a wiki designed for any information about pinball machines. Repair guides, history, and much, much, more is constantly being added to PinWiki."

As it sounds, PinWiki is a Wikipedia type site that utilizies and encourages reader contributions to grow the encyclopedia of pinball information. Great source for repair guides and hard to find info.

PinballOwners.com   The database of pinball machine owners and collectors worldwide!    
"If you own one or more pinball machines, sign up with us! In a few minutes you can have your pinball Collection on-line, browsable and searchable by hundreds of pinball fans from all over the world!"

Truly an international collection of pinball owners. If you are looking to find that rare machine only sold in Italy, like Gottlieb's 1972 Texas Ranger, or just exchange pictures and repair notes Pinballowners.com is a great site.

Professional & Amateur Pinball Association

"The goal of the Professional & Amateur Pinball Association is to create and promote the world’s greatest pinball tournaments, encourage friendly competition, and spread enthusiasm for pinball among casual gamers. Toward that end, we have built Pinburgh – Presented by eBay, the largest pinball tournament in history, worked alongside IFPA and Stern Pinball to create the Stern Pro Circuit, and have begun regularly broadcasting pinball-related coverage with the creation of our instructional tutorials, competition videos, and PAPAtv live streaming series."  Also a great source of pinball "player guides" /game rule sheets.

International Flipper Pinball Association

"The objective of the International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) is to elevate the awareness and visibility of pinball across the globe and generate media coverage and corporate backing to bring the sport of competitive pinball back into the spotlight."   The IFPA manages and tracks player rankings and sets national and local tournament rules.

The International Arcade Museum

"The International Arcade Museum® (IAM) and Killer List of Videogames® at Museum of the Game® is the world's largest educational center focusing on the art, inventions, science, and history of the amusement, coin-operated machine, game, and videogame industries.​"