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Parts & Repair

Links to online pinball part and restoration sites. Don't see your favorite? Let us know, we'll add it.


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Must have links to other key pinball websites like PinWiki and the  Internet Pinball Database and more! Be sure to review us & find a complete list of pinball websites at promoters page.

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About Us

There ain't a lot to do in Old Dimebox, Texas so we decided to jump on the pinball fad and start us a website.


Comet Pinball - Comet is all about lighting - huge selection of LEDs and specialty bulbs and lightning mods. "Our company goal is simply to find ways to bring to fellow Pinheads a superior collection of LED products to enhance their personal and collections. This creative customizing results in outstanding visual enhancements for gameplay."​​

Marco's IS everything pinball with great customer service and super fast shipping. If they don't have it, they will tell you where you can find it. LEDs, playfield parts, coils, boards, electronics, cabinet parts - they Reprohave it all.

CPR - Classic Playfield Reproductions - Just north of the border these Canadians really fill the need for the restoration minded pinhead. "Your pinball hobby reproduction parts manufacturer for Playfields, Backglasses, Plastics, Speaker Skins, Custom Toppers and much more!  We use a mix of traditional and modern techniques to produce the highest authenticity we can offer, and continue to strive for newer and better ways to yield the best possible outcomes.  The goal is to provide you with beautiful replacement parts that will supercharge your pinball restoration projects."

​​The Pinball Resource - Steve Young is definitely old school pinball - and that's a GREAT thing. Steve and his team KNOW pinball. If they don't have the part, you are unlikely to find it any where else. Ordering is done via email or phone only - no website orders. They have many, many more parts then are actually listed on the site.

​​​Coin Taker is another very popular site for LEDs, but they have much more. Along with great customer service they sell machines, mods, electronics, ring kits, and much more.

​​​Pinball Life is a small family run company with a LARGE WAREHOUSE of anything you need to get up and running again, plus a whole lot more. Great pop cap lights!

The Shay Arcade Group is "the world’s leading provider of reproduction classic pinball backglasses and plastics." THE place to go to replace that flaked out backglass and faded playfield plastics.

​​​K's Arcade - Another great site for new boards, board parts, and board REPAIR! Drop Keith a line and see if he can get that board repaired before buying a new one.

​​Nabour's Novelty is a one-man shop that has been rebuilding pinball machines for the past 40 years and Tim is willing to share his knowledge and help any way he can. Great source for board repairs. 

Action Pinball 

Bay Area Amusements 

Big Daddy - Electronic parts & repair kits & Alltek boards

Coin Op Doc - Pinball sales & service, plus arcade and jukeboxes

​JT Amusements

Lakeside Pinball Parts

Mad Amusements

Mayfair Amusements  -phones calls or email only to order

Mr. Pinball - Australian site

​Planetary Pinball

Passion for Pinball - the site for the famous Cliffy's protectors 

Pinball Center - UK site but ships to US; sells light up posts

Pinball Decals   - decals and clear washers for protecting playfield plastics

Pinball Pimp - restorations, sales, and cabinet stencils. Will also create one-off and custom stencils for cabinet artwork.

Pinball Rescue - Australia site but have some items US sites don't have

​The Pinball Wizard - parts & repair & Rottendog boards

Titan Pinball - Home of the Titan Competition Silicone Rings

XPin - Displays, power supplies, & boards


Lee's Parts - "LeesParts Pinball Mods are specifically designed to be easy to install and interact with each pinball machine to improve game play, enhance appearance or solve a problem."

Mezel Mods - "We are located in lovely Rio Rancho, New Mexico (that's USA) and enjoy the challenge of producing high quality, fairly priced pinball mods. Our goal is to expand into new pinball machine product offerings and of course to keep up with the expectations and needs of our loyal customers."

Mod Father - As a "pinterior" designer, I love enhancing any games and bringing them to the next level...  It is a true passion and love of the art! 

Lighted Pinball Mods

Pin Stadiums - Pin Stadium Lights were formed from a simple idea to create a pinball LED lighting solution for our collection- one that did everything on the wishlist when it came to enhancing the experience of an already awesome machine.

LerMods - We specialize in playfield and lighting accessories, including illuminated playfield toys and interactive undercabinet and backbox lighting.   We strive to produce high quality and easy-to-install mods that enhance the overall aesthetics and play of pinball machine.

The Pinball Mod Company - "Welcome to The Pinball Mod Co, creating custom playfield, decal and lighting mods for pinball machines. Specializing in Jersey Jack Pinball machines including Wizard of Oz and Pirates of the Caribbean. Almost all mods are hand made and built one at a time at our shop in Olympia, WA."

repair & restoration sites   -  "I've been repairing pinball games since the early 1990s. In that time I've written and documented more on pinball repair than probably anyone else on the planet. From the pinball repair guides at, to seminars at all the major pinball shows across the country, to writing and editing for pinball magazines, to the subscription pinball repair site (with over 800 game repairs documented including over 400 with HD video), to DVDs on pinball repair (, well you get the idea. I am also inducted into the Chicago Pinball Expo Hall of Fame in 2010, and received a pinball lifetime achievement award from the Pacific Pinball Museum in 2011 for pinball repair."​  -  "This is an introduction to pinball maintenance and simple repairs for new pinball machine owners. There are many repairs and checks that any pinball owner can do without any expertise. If you are a new owner or thinking about purchasing a pinball machine, then this site on pinball repair tips is for you."

REPLACEMENT RESCREENED PINBALL BACKGLASSES - "We are an official licensee of the Gottlieb® & D. Gottlieb® & CO.trademarks by authority of Gottlieb® Development LLC." Limited catalog of older Gottlieb backglass.

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There are so many great pinball websites out there - big & small - it's impossible to give a "bump" to all of them. Let's start with a few of the biggest and explain what each site focuses on, then we will provide list to a host of other sites. If you are looking specifically for pinball parts or repair help, please check my Parts & Repair page. Pinball News has a great directory of pinball websites, click here to check it out! launched a Pinball Promoters page that features all sorts of pinball websites and podcasts with reviews! Great addition and sorely needed. Check it out.  And let us know what you think about this website by submitting a review.  SPREADING PINBALL, CONNECTING PINHEADS WORLDWIDE!

"Pinside is the absolute best web destination for all things pinball.Our large and thriving community is comprised of an incredibly diverse group of players, collectors, repair gurus, mod-makers, vendors, distributors, restorers, and all-around enthusiasts that have one thing in common: a passion and love for the silver ball. Pinside was created as a destination to discuss games, buy and sell, find tech help, and meet others. It has accomplished those things and, in the process, become a massive and invaluable resource of pinball information."

Internet Pinball Database

"The Internet Pinball Machine Database — also known as the IPDB — is a comprehensive, searchable encyclopedia of virtually every pinball machine ever commercially made. The database currently includes 68,937 images of 6,189 games, 4,714 other game related files, and links to other pinball websites, grouped by machine. The database also includes pitch & bat baseball games, cocktail table machines, bingos, and payout machines ... when they have a pinball theme.  The data in this database has been laboriously gathered by the Editors over many years, from books, photographs, flyers, web sites, pinball manufacturers, collectors' personal records, and of course the pinball machines themselves. Most of the actual photographs in the database came from various collectors – over 2,445 different contributors to date."    THE place for everything pinball.
"PinWiki is a wiki designed for any information about pinball machines. Repair guides, history, and much, much, more is constantly being added to PinWiki."     As it sounds, PinWiki is a Wikipedia type site that utilizies and encourages reader contributions to grow the encyclopedia of pinball information. Great source for repair guides and hard to find info.

This Week in Pinball   

"Between forums, podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, etc., it is hard to keep up with everything happening in the world of pinball.  That is why we at TWIP headquarters set up this website, as a one stop shop to check out the latest rumors and news.  Weekly posts go up every Monday which include noteworthy happenings in the pinball world, such as new games/rumors/mods, production and coding updates, pinball show reviews and announcements, results from competitions, notable pinball streams/videos/podcasts, and much more."

Pinball News

"All Pinball, All Free, All Around the World" Great site for news and a complete listing of other pinball websites.   The database of pinball machine owners and collectors worldwide!    
"If you own one or more pinball machines, sign up with us! In a few minutes you can have your pinball Collection on-line, browsable and searchable by hundreds of pinball fans from all over the world!"  Truly an international collection of pinball owners. If you are looking to find that rare machine only sold in Italy, like Gottlieb's 1972 Texas Ranger, or just exchange pictures and repair notes is a great site.

Professional & Amateur Pinball Association

"The goal of the Professional & Amateur Pinball Association is to create and promote the world’s greatest pinball tournaments, encourage friendly competition, and spread enthusiasm for pinball among casual gamers. Toward that end, we have built Pinburgh – Presented by eBay, the largest pinball tournament in history, worked alongside IFPA and Stern Pinball to create the Stern Pro Circuit, and have begun regularly broadcasting pinball-related coverage with the creation of our instructional tutorials, competition videos, and PAPAtv live streaming series."  Also a great source of pinball "player guides" /game rule sheets.

International Flipper Pinball Association

"The objective of the International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) is to elevate the awareness and visibility of pinball across the globe and generate media coverage and corporate backing to bring the sport of competitive pinball back into the spotlight."   The IFPA manages and tracks player rankings and sets national and local tournament rules.

The International Arcade Museum

"The International Arcade Museum® (IAM) and Killer List of Videogames® at Museum of the Game® is the world's largest educational center focusing on the art, inventions, science, and history of the amusement, coin-operated machine, game, and videogame industries.​"

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