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Restoration Pinball

We make old fun again!

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The last electro-mechanical (EM) pinball machine was made in 1978, making all EM pinball machines at least 45 years old.  At Restoration Pinball we can take that broken down, dusty mess and make it fun again!  Get that broken down mess out of the garage and back in your man cave where it belongs!


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Service & Repair

  • Complete Refurbishment:  Each machine undergoes a thorough restoration, ensuring it is in top-notch condition.

  • Pristine Playfield:  We meticulously clean and polish the playfield, applying three coats of high-quality carnauba wax to achieve a sleek, glossy finish. Waxing both protects the artwork and speeds up the play.

  • New Components:  Each machine receives fresh rubbers, posts, and plastics, providing a vibrant and renewed appearance.

  • Original Cabinet Design:  The cabinet is precisely redone to match the original design and colors, preserving the authentic look of your vintage classic.

  • LED Lighting: Upgraded with modern LED lighting, the  pinball machine not only looks fantastic but also reduces the damaging heat of incandescent bulbs.

  • On-site Diagnostics and Repair: We will come to the your location to assess and diagnose the issues with your pinball machine. Repairs will be performed on-site whenever possible, getting you back to playing ASAP.

  • Transportation to Shop (if necessary):  In cases where major repairs are needed, and on-site repair is not feasible, we offer to transport the pinball machine to our shop at no additional cost.

  • Transparent Communication:  Before any repair work is initiated, you will receive a cost estimate.  Each repair will be explained in detail, ensuring you understands the issues and the proposed solutions.

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Don't just play pinball; make a statement with a meticulously refurbished vintage machine that combines the charm of the past with the performance of today. Elevate your space and game in style! 

Current machines available for sale*:

  • Target Pool (Gottlieb 1969)

  • Dealer's Choice (Williams 1973)

  • Sky Kings (Bally 1974)

  • Gay 90's (Williams 1970)

  • Pyramid (Gottlieb 1978)

  • Fan-Tas-Tic (Williams 1972)

  • Hokus Pokus (Bally 1976)

  • Sound Stage (Chicago Coin 1976)

  • Big Casino (Gottlieb 1961)

*Some titles may be in the process of restoration and may not be ready for immediate sale.

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