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The Playfield


Look up average yearly selling price for over 900 pinball titles. Best option for mobile viewing and summary prices.

Database of All Sales

Full access to more than 3000 verified sales with links to sale details and pictures. Not available on mobile devices.

From simple clean-ups to full cabinet restorations, here's some past and current projects.  We're even trying to put Humpty Dumpty together again!

TILT - Parts & Repair Links

Long list and links to online pinball parts and restoration sites. Don't see your favorite? Let us know, we'll add it.

Must have links to other key pinball websites like PinWiki and the Internet Pinball Database and more!

There ain't been a lot to do in Old Dime Box since the Dew Drop Inn closed down. So we decided to jump on the pinball fad and start us a website.

Credit Button - Great Places to Play

State by state listing of places to play your favorite pin brought to you by 

Give us a holler about your favorite arcade, bar, or coffee shop - here's a couple places to get us started...

TIL  - Today I Learned

25 Jan '19    Being quite a newbie to the hobby, this website has helped me learn a lot about pinball and the pinhead community. Playing in a few local tourneys has helped me learn more also. One thing that I wanted to understand more is "game play" strategy and rules of each game. Things like "how do you trigger multi-ball?" or "what targets do I need to hit for a bonus?".

A quick Google search leads you to un-narrated videos for the most part - not particu;arly helpful. Well today I found what I need at PAPA - Professional & Amateur Pinball Association. It's a great source of game by game player guides. Click here.

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