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Price Change by Game Era

This newly created section will provide pinball machine  price trends from 2018 to 2023 by "Game Era".  We have created 6 generations of pinballs based on major developments or advancements in technology that significantly changed the industry. 

The 6 eras are: 

  • Electromechanical (pre 1977)

  • Early Solid State  (1977-1985)

  • Alphanumeric Displays (1986-1991)

  • Golden Age DMD (1992-1998)

  • Stern DMD (1999-2015)

  • LCD (2016-2023)

The tables provides the year the sale was made, the average price of that era game, the Year over Year (YOY) dollar change, the percentage change versus previous year, and the number of sales the data is based on.  Only 217 sales are currently in the database for 2023, so price changes only represent the first quarter.

Remember, these are average sold prices regardless of condition. Detail information for each sale can be found by individual pinball machine title on our Price Guide page.

Overall for 2023, the average pinball game has decreased by 2.5% for the first 10 months driven by machines from 1999 to 2022.

Nov inflation summary.png
Nov inflation detail2.jpg
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